No transport, no schools, no banks, no Courts, no garbage collection, blocked highways, just emergency services at public hospitals. The whole country at a standstill. I wonder: does this help? Is this the solution to our many serious problems? Because we DO have problems. There’s no doubt about it. None of us is satisfied nowadays. We need to let the Government know that this administration leaves much to be desired. But, I insist, is this the way?  And, who are the promoters of these drastic measures? Wealthy Union leaders who keep their posts for ever and have a much higher standard of living than the workers they say they represent.  And whenever the President is not “peronista”, they call for “Paros generales” more often, stating openly and without euphemisms or understatements that the administration should finish before its time. They are far from democratic. An authoritarian, violent gang. Hooligans rather than workers’ representatives.  I don’t trust them. They support chaos, while most of us would like to live in peace.

Published on Buenos Aires Times