Another speech by CFK. Another disappointment. Always scolding us, always blaming others, always addressing only her chosen few. Never admitting her government’s blatant mistakes. Never. Never acknowledging our everyday trials and tribulations. Not a glimpse of warmth or sympathy. Faithful to her rhetorical device of repeating a word or phrase till it drills our brains, CFK kept saying again and again: “We’ve raised this, and we’ve raised that … and we’ve also raised …”. She skipped a few rises, though. In violent crime, for instance; in soaring inflation, in school dropouts, in social discontent, in poverty, in corruption, in encouraging antagonism and hatred among citizens. An increase in denying the naked truth on her part. An increase in political and economic ineptness, in contradictions, in improvisation, in lack of sheer common sense and lack of self-criticism. Another lost chance to make amends, to change gear, to set things right. A real pity. A shame.