President Alberto Fernández has offered to pay 1.600.000 pesos as a sort of “fine” for the Olivos birthday party hosted during the strict pandemic lockdown. What a nerve! Is he kidding? Is it a joke? Does he really believe that in doing so he will atone for his unforgivable “faux pas”?  There are many things you can’t fix with money, and this is one of them. And mind you, it’s not the amount that’s wrong, but the intention itself. Even if he had offered much more, the mere attempt is absolutely immoral. He should be reminded that while he was cheerfully celebrating his partner’s birthday with friends, we were all locked up, literally speaking. If a relative or friend died, we couldn’t even bid a final farewell to them. He never apologized properly, honestly, wholeheartedly. He blamed Fabiola instead.   And now he thinks he can thus get away with it. What a bargain, Mr President!