Today is July 18th. I’m listening to the fire sirens on the radio. Sends chills down my spine. It’s almost 10 am. A quarter of a century has gone by since the AMIA bombing. 85 people were killed and there were over 300 injured. And now, 25 years later, that deep, bleeding wound hasn`t been healed yet. There’s been no justice. The victims’ families are still mourning their beloved ones and haven’t found any comfort, any relief, any sensible explanation. There’s been concealment, local complicity, negligence. We have a huge debt as society towards those people, and I can’t help feeling ashamed as part of that society.  We also owe a debt of justice to federal prosecutor Alberto Nisman’s family, chief investigator of the 1994 car bombing. Another example of fragrant impunity, the impunity that has reigned in Argentina for decades now.

Published on Buenos Aires Times