Truth to tell, I find it hard to figure out why there are still so many people in the whole world who refuse to get the Covid 19 vaccinations. Some say they don’t trust the vaccines because they were developed too fast, almost overnight. Others argue that Covid-19 is just a kind of flu, a mild disease, not dangerous at all. Or that they could get a blood clot. From a philosophical standpoint, many people feel that their individual freedom is threatened if vaccination becomes mandatory. But aren’t the interests and rights of a community, the global community in this case, way above those of the individual? In Argentina, there’s a baby vaccination schedule we all comply with, same as the one required when kids start school. No parent questions that. It’s unanimous.  But there’s controversy as regards this pandemic that no one saw coming, a pandemic that puts us all –humanity as a whole- at risk, and we are proving unable to tackle it together. In the meantime, there’s a worrying rise in infections, and more and more confirmed cases of Omicron.  I believe if we don’t fight this battle together, we are very likely to lose it.