Honestly, I can’t wait. Whoever wins tomorrow, I do hope our representatives show tolerance and common sense, and choose to join efforts, regardless their parties and ideologies.  We haven’t touched bottom yet, but are pretty close. The time has come for our politicians to work together, putting aside their differences. We, Argentine citizens, should remind them again and again, that they are our employees, our civil servants, not our bosses. Actually, I’ve never felt more powerful than when I enter the dark room to vote. I feel I’m playing a major role then. I feel I count, I’m relevant. Maybe because I’m old enough to have gone through the 1976-1983 military dictatorship, when we were deprived of that right (among others). I hope we can –little by little- bridge the gap that has been keeping us apart for so long. There are still too many open wounds that need to be healed, too much inequality in our society, too much poverty. I hope the next administration helps us recover some hope for a better future. We deserve it.

Published on Buenos Aires Times