A new dawn

Tomorrow, December 10, is not another Sunday. A new dawn, I dare say. A new start. Most Argentines are starving for a change, and we showed it unequivocally last November 19.

Will Javier Milei be able to rise to the occasion? We’ll see. I’m sure he’ll do his best. It’s a huge challenge, though, but it’s worth the try.

Forty years ago our democracy was reborn after the dark and painful years of military dictatorship. Today, we bid farewell to two decades of Kirchnerism, which has proved to be a failure in all areas. I feel Argentina has hit rock bottom: things couldn’t get any worse. On second thoughts, they could if we don’t all join forces to move our country forward. We should all work together to achieve this common aim. I wish our brand-new president the best of luck…we’ll need it!

Buenos Aires Times, December 9, 2023