I’m a bit too over-age to write a letter to Santa, but I’d certainly love to send one to “our” Pope Francis, ‘cause he’s a real model, in times like these, where our local “models” leave so much to be desired. Let’s be honest: who are they? President CFK happily dancing while the country burns? Vice-President Boudou (of all people!) sent to Mandela’s funeral, on behalf of all of us? Estela de Carlotto questioning the veracity of a dozen “second-rate” violent deaths? Hebe de Bonafini hugging Gral.Milani? Capitanich blaming us –greedy consumers- for the massive power cuts? Báez favouring CFK’s economy by renting five-star Calafate accomodation for ghost guests? Are these our models? Come to think of it, this Government’s peculiar use of the word “model” has wreaked havoc in Argentina all throughout the lost decade.

So, back to the start, I’d like to ask the Pope for a couple of precious gifts this Christmas. First and foremost, please Francis, don’t stop praying for us. Secondly, send us loads of common sense, patience, tolerance and self-cricism (to check what each one of us is doing wrong). Help us recover some lost values, like honesty, mutual respect, good manners, sympathy. Help us so that we can trust again, and be hopeful for a better future; so that we stop flirting with the idea of quitting and moving anywhere else, where life might be a bit less stressful and more pleasant.

You can obviously work wonders. San Lorenzo’s soccer trophy’s a proof (no better birthday present, right?). So I’m pretty sure you can lend us a hand, too.

Yes, I believe in miracles.

Have the best Christmas ever and an awesome 2014!

P.S.: There’s no reason to be proud of our political leaders, but we are certainly proud of you, Pope Francis. Very proud