The second run-off is just round the corner. I believe we should all jog our collective memory right now, and bear in mind a few examples of the crass insensitivity and wrongdoings of the current administration. 1) “Fiesta de Olivos” case: Fabiola Yáñez’s 39th birthday party during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown shut down. 2) “VIP vaccine scandal”:  government supporters, friends and relatives who jumped vaccination queue. 3) More than 1,100 social plans given to people who have traveled abroad in the last four years by air and even on luxury ships. 4) Martin Insaurralde’s scandal over his luxury trip to Marbella, Spain, with model Sofía Clerici. 5) The most acute fuel shortage in years, which left many filling stations out of supply and long lines at most operating pumps. 6) The “Chocolate” case:  Julio ‘Chocolate’ Rigau taken into custody after being found withdrawing funds with 48 debit cards belonging to employees from the provincial legislature in La Plata. 7) Annual inflation of 114%. 8) Poverty rate above 40%. And last but not least, the icing on the cake: Deputy Rodolfo Tailhade (a close friend of Cristina Kirchner’s), investigated for the scandal of spying on judges, journalists, artists and other public figures. A few reminders before casting our vote.  

Buenos Aires Times, November 11, 2023