I think none of us ever dreamt of living 100 days locked up in our houses.  Although we might have thought quite often: “I wish I had more free time”; “If only I could stay at home doing nothing”; “I’d love to spend more time with my partner/children/parents/pets/plants”; “There are so many  odd jobs  I should do in my house and keep putting off, so many books I’ve got to finish reading, so much trash to throw away, so much to clean and tidy up, so many new skills to learn …”

Someone once wisely told me: “Be careful what you wish for; it might just come true”. So here I am, having all the time of my life, doing online teaching, having daily zoom meetings and birthdays, Tik Toking like a teenager, recycling and reinventing myself daily.

Stephen Hawking once said: “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”. We’re proving to be pretty smart, aren’t we?

Published in Buenos Aires Times